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Chapter One

The Good Old Days

The United Daughters of the Confederacy didn't like the outcome of the Civil War. So they changed it.


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Explore primary source materials, image galleries, videos, a linked bibliography, and more.

Go back in time with these primary source materials

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Look through old issues of Confederate Veteran to learn more about UDC initiatives, see photos, and browse advertisements.

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Dig In

Examine the original 1920 pamphlet "A Measuring Rod" written by UDC's Historian General Mildred Lewis Rutherford.



View the Library of Congress' Civil War Glass Negatives and Related Prints to see over 7,000 portraits and images of the Civil War, 

Watch a short video about the UDC from Vox:

Look through pages of Know Alabama

The 1961 Alabama state board-approved textbook featured in the chapter

Chapter One Image Database

View every base image from The Good Old Days and download them from archives like The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Open Access, and more

All Ages

Educator's Guide

Looking to use AMERICA REDUX with your students? This educator's guide includes pre-reading activities, discussion questions, extension activities, and more. 




Book / Dixie's Daughters

I first learned about the United Daughters of the Confederacy via Dr. Karen L. Cox, who wrote the definitive book on the group and their work.

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Article / Twisted Sources

For more about the campaigns to get teachers fired and how the UDC’s work lead to school segregation read this piece by Greg Huffman.

Journal / The Textbooks of the 'Lost Cause': Censorship and the Creation of Southern State Histories

Academic paper by Fred Arthur Bailey.

Journal / Drill Into Us...the Rebel Tradition

Academic paper by Joan Marie Johnson about the "Contest over Southern Identity in Black and White Women's Clubs, South Carolina, 1898-1930."

Journal / Brown-Ing The American Textbook

Academic paper by Jonathan Zimmerman about "History, Psychology, and the Origins of Modern Multiculturalism."

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Article / The Confederacy's "Living Monuments"

Read an Op-Ed in the New York Times by UDC expert Karen L. Cox about how Confederate monuments were only part of the UDC's work. 

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