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America Redux is meant to be just the beginning—of conversation, of art, of action. Whether you're a high school teacher, college professor, librarian, book club host, literary center, or local history museum, Ariel's visual storytelling can be used as a basis for arts & writing workshops, discussions, and explorations of all kinds.


Educator's Guide

AMERICA REDUX is a collection of interwoven stories that invite dynamic, critical engagement with our nation's complex histories. Aberg-Riger's visual storytelling disrupts traditional linear thinking and teaching of histories that allows for many different points of entry and engagement. To support educators we've created a robust guide as a companion to the book written by scholar/teacher shea wesley martin. 


Looking for chapter-related resources?

Browse source material chapter by chapter—including interactive databases of every image in the book!

Workshops with Ariel

Ariel gives talks and leads workshops for young people and adults about visual storytelling, both virtually and in-person. Interested in learning more and booking Ariel for a speaking engagement? Learn more at Blue Flower Arts, and below.

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How Visual Storytelling Makes History Come Alive

In this hands-on talk, students will explore examples of visual storytelling from drawn journalism, to illustrated letters, to picture books, and learn why visual storytelling is an especially powerful tool for engaging with and learning about history. Learn how to access visual source material at public archives & collections, as well as get a behind the scenes look at how America Redux was researched and created.

Ages 12+

Great for everyone from classes to book clubs to arts centers


Workshop: Using Visuals to Warm Up Your Words

A blank page can be intimidating! In this workshop, we’ll learn how to get our pencils moving by using visuals to warm up our words. This multi-sensory workshop will use music, drawing, and collage to back into writing through a series of fun exercises. At the end of the workshop, students will gather up everything they’ve made and turn it into a zine they can take home and keep creating into.

Ages 12+

Great for writing centric classes - Social Studies/English, or creative writing

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Workshop: Collaging the Archives

Historical images can often feel distant and disconnected from the present—black and white, overly formal, tucked away inside rigid little rectangles. In this workshop we’ll connect with historical images by getting hands on—breaking the frame, cutting things apart, and collaging the past into the present. We'll learn how to find source material in digital archives, and collage it into visual stories either digitally or physically.

Ages 12+

Great for art-centered classes—visual arts, photography

What students are saying

"I like to journal and collage in my free time, and looking at similarly-styled work inspired me to create. That is the best feeling...the format was very easy to understand. My brain actually absorbed the information."

High school student



Creating Visual Stories

Ariel worked with undergraduate advanced photography students at Buffalo State University to read chapters from the book and create visual stories in response.

"Ariel's thoroughly researched visual stories provide perspective and insight that spark my students’ academic curiosity."

—Alan Duffy, High School Teacher


Responsive Poetry

Ariel worked with high school students at the Just Buffalo Literary Center to read a chapter from the book and collage a visual poem in response.


"I love it because it's kind of like looking at a documentary film but it's also a book."

—High school student during a workshop

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